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Sarcoma Consortium

Dr. Scott Schuetze is a Clinical Professor, Department of Internal Medicine. He received his MD and PhD from Oregon Health Sciences University in 1993. Dr. Schuetze completed his residency at Duke University Medical Center in 1996. His Oncology Fellowship followed at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and University of Washington, Seattle, WA.

Dr. Schuetze’s research effort is in the development, implementation and conduct of clinical studies of new targeted therapies in patients with advanced sarcomas. The Sarcoma Multidisciplinary Team is also actively involved in testing methods to identify sarcomas resistant to standard therapies and developing treatment protocols to overcome tumor resistance. His research evaluates new methods to image sarcoma response to treatments.

Dr. Schuetze’s investigations have found new radiological tests that measure biologic properties of sarcomas may be of more use than standard radiological tests that measure tumor size and shape in evaluating the effects of standard chemotherapy or targeted therapy in sarcomas. The sarcoma team is actively involved in the development and evaluation of functional imaging methods to predict sarcoma response to treatment. They hope imaging methods will be identified that can select, early-on in the chemotherapy, the patients whom are likely to derive the greatest benefit from treatment. His work has led the team to find patients who are unlikely to benefit from the specific chemotherapy would be spared toxicities from an ineffective regimen and could be considered for a different treatment plan.

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