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Michael Prados was a Fellow in Neuro-Oncology at the University of California San Francisco in 1985. Following a two year training program, he was recruited to the Faculty in 1988 and has remained at UCSF since that time, and is now Professor-in-Residence and the Charles B Wilson Chair of Neurosurgery. His career interests center around patient care, and clinical and translational research. He became the Project Leader of the North America Brain Tumor Consortium (NABTC) and led that group for 15 years. When the NABTC merged with the NABTT (and became the Adult Brain Tumor Consortium) he was named co-Project Leader. In 2009, he was awarded the Project Leadership of the Ivy Foundation Early Phase Clinical Trials Consortium, a group of now 7 major academic centers who conduct clinical and translation research in adults with brain cancer.

He was the Institutional site Principal Investigator for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium (PBTC) for over 10 years. He formed the Pacific Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Consortium (PNOC), a multi-institutional consortium of now 11 major academic centers across the United States, conducing early phase, precision-focused, clinical trials in young children and adolescents.

Dr. Prados is Program Leader of the Neurological Oncology Program for the Helen Diller Comprehensive Cancer Center at UCSF, and for many years was the Director of Translational Research for the Neuro-Oncology program within the Departments Brain Tumor Research Center.

He has published over 300 articles since 1985 in Neuro-Oncology, and is part of the Editorial board of Neuro-Oncology, Journal of Neuro-Oncology and Journal of Clinical Oncology.

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