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Dr. Kirkwood is Director of the Melanoma Center at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, Professor and Chief of the Division of Medical Oncology.

Dr. Kirkwood has received international acclaim for his research on developing improved therapy for inoperable advanced melanoma. He has served as principle investigator of clinical trials involving cancer vaccines and conducts basic research on the molecular and biological mechanisms underlying the development of advanced disease.

He has authored over 300 publications and served on the editorial board of 30 journals including Journal of Clinical Oncology, Clinical Cancer Research, and Melanoma Research. He has also been a reviewer for the New England Journal of Medicine and Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, among others.

Dr. Kirkwood is the recipient of numerous awards including, The Best Doctors in America award, the Wings of Hope award from the Melanoma Research Foundation, and the Milstein award from the International Society for Interferon & Cytokine Research.

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