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Denise Albano, RN, NP, graduated from Stony Brook University as a nurse practitioner with a master’s degree in science in 1998. She is presently in the doctorate program at Stony Brook University and has been practicing as an adult oncology nurse practitioner in a full time roll since graduation. She earned her NP certification from the Academy of Nurse Practitioners.

Ms. Albano has extensive experience as a clinician both with acute and chronic hematologic and oncologic diseases. She also was part of a team that formed two Palliative Care programs for local hospice organizations in North Carolina. As part of her responsibilities she held several seminars to educate staff andlocal communities. She also worked in a Plastic Surgery practice assisting newly diagnosed cancer patients as they embarked on a difficult challenge.

Ms Albano has a strong knowledge of empirical literature and is able to translate this information to improve evidence-based patient care. She is an active participant in the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) in which she makes high quality of care a priority and works to implement changes that positively impact patient satisfaction which ultimately leads to improved outcomes.

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